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Extra income, extra fun that works with your family’s schedule!

Jobs for stay at home moms

As a stay at home mom, what would an extra $500 or even $1000 mean for you each month?

At Initial Outfitters it's possible! We have an industry leading party average that allows our consultants to earn $40/$50hr. It is reasonable to expect to earn around $150-$200/average party. This is an ideal job for stay at home moms. As a stay at home mom, you can contribute to your household income or start a new career. The best part about it is that you choose when and how often you work. We even offer cash bonuses for promotions and personal sales consistency, and you can earn bonus pay on the sales of team members! This is a ground floor job opportunity. You will likely be one of the first people promoting this line in your area.

Initial Outfitters is a great opportunity for moms. Our jobs for stay at home moms offer moms the opportunity to find a job where they control their own schedule yet have the opportunity to make $50 or more per hour. If you are a stay at home mom looking for a job opportunity, Initial outfitters may be the perfect fit for you.
Initial Outfitters Jobs for Stay at home moms. Jobs for Stay at home moms

Susan's Story

When I joined Initial Outfitters, flexibity was my “why” for joining. As a mother of 4, ranging in ages from 4th grade to college and having a husband who travels most of the week, I needed a career that allowed me to make good money around a very busy schedule. What I found as I grew a team, however, was that my greatest joy has become working with the women who take the leap of faith to becom consulants. Helping them achieve their goals they didn’t think possible is the greatest award.

Would you like to be recognized and rewarded for your efforts?

A dream job is something you love and have fun doing! It’s actually not a job at all. As a stay at home mom, you can find that dream job here at Initial Outfitters. We love rewarding, recognizing, and celebrating our consultants for their success through conference calls, newsletters, on-stage recognition at live events, free product credit, and even DREAM vacations! Oh, have you heard?! Our next trip is to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. We would love to celebrate you in paradise!

Do you love all things personalized?

If you love monograms or putting a personal touch on gifts, then you will love our wide range of products. There is something for everyone and for any occasion, and it can all be personalized. Our personalized jewelry collection ranges from artisan crafted to today’s most popular trendy pieces, to timeless sterling silver styles. We create highly personal keepsakes for the new baby to sweet 16, graduation to 25th anniversaries. Most of our products range in price from $12-$50, which easily fits into any budget. It’s like having your own boutique but with the support, systems, and training to help you succeed! You are in business for your yourself but never by yourself.

Jennifer's Story

As women we play so many different roles, and I knew my greatest role was to be a mother. Initial Outfitters allows me to be at home without compromising my priorities. It has given me the opportunity to have something that’s all mine, contribute to my family’s income as well as creating friendships and memories that will be cherished forever.

As a home party consultant, we invite you to enjoy the many benefits!

Since this is your own business, you decide how often you work and how much extra income you earn! We know that managing your own schedule is important in any job for a stay at home mom. If that’s not enough, here are a few others:

  • When you build a team, you can earn 7-14% on those you personally sponsor.
  • Earn up to $975 worth of free product credit during your Super Start period.
  • Each month you have the opportunity to earn 50% off items based on your personal activity.
  • A personal website where your customers can shop 24/7!
  • A business workstation for keeping track of everything you will need to run your business!

Jobs for Moms

What makes Initial Outfitters right for ME?

We want to enable you as a mom to make a living that makes a difference, to experience success as you define it, and to have fun doing it! Many of our culsultants are moms and they find that they are making a difference in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Providing financially with the income that they earn: 20-35% on sales, plus the opportunity for team sales bonuses;
  • Growing personally and professionally as they receive training, apply it, and enjoy the rewards, friendships, recognition, and self-confidence that come with success;
  • Mentoring and encouraging other women as they, too, build a business as part of the team;
  • Impacting their communities through Lunchbox Love fundraisers and support of other local events;
  • Changing lives for eternity through our partnership with Charlie’s Lunch to feed children physically and spiritually around the world.
Stay at home moms

How will I know what to do?

As we have said before, you are in business for yourself but never by yourself. We will be with you every step of the way. You will receive regular training and support from your sponsor, the Initial Outfitters home office team, and other highly successful direct sellers. You have the benefit of the strong business plan and creative interactive home party ideas that we have designed to help you build your business confidently.

Where do I start? By choosing your personalized Starter Kit!

Don’t miss out on the busiest season of the year. NOW is the time to get started. We offer 4 starter kits ranging in price from $99 to $599. You choose how much you want to invest. The best part is that each starter kit features a wide selection of jewelry and gifts personalized with your initials or name. Ask you consultant or contact us for details. Don’t forget about our monthly sign-on bonus. This is the perfect way to enhance your starter kit.

So if you are been searching for jobs for stay at home moms, then you have found the perfect opportunity. Take the next step and get more information today!

There is so much in it for you! Contact us to find out more or to locate a consultant near you. We can’t wait to meet you!

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